Edge Rubber Gasket B-498 Type "U" Square For 6mm Rim

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Edge rubber gasket (edge ​​profile/rant profile/protective profile/u-type rubber profile/rubber gasket/edge gasket/half-round gasket/u-type gasket) B-498 type U square for a 6mm edge is a universal product, widely and universally applicable as protective, sealing and securing element. The gasket will effectively protect the edges/rims with a thickness of 6mm.

The gasket is made of a durable, flexible EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber) rubber compound, and is charecterized by:

- high resistance to aging and weather conditions, ozone and UV radiation
- resistance to organic and inorganic acids, cleaning acids, potassium and sodium alkalis
- maintaining its properties in the temperature range from -50
°C to +130°C
flexibility and susceptibility to stretching
- good memory of the original shape