The plant was established in 1997 in Bielsko-Biała. Initially, the company's activity focused on the production of rub-ber water and sewage gaskets. Over the years of operating on the market, we have systematically expanded our product range and increased production capacity by investing in our machine park. Today our offer includes over 1,500 designs of various types of vulcanized rubber products, as well as those cut from gasket sheets, and over 500 types of rubber profiles. We process over 60 tons of rubber and silicone mixtures, thermoplastic granules and polyu-rethane monthly.

Our products are exported, among others, to Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, Great Britain and Ireland.

Our plant consists of five halls - four production halls and one warehouse. Their total area is over 1100 m2. In addi-tion, there is a tool department responsible for making molds and for maintenance of the plant.

The company has its headquarters in Mazańcowice near Bielsko-Biała. In the immediate vicinity there are such com-panies as Polmotors or POH Wod Bud. Nearby there is an exit from the S52 expressway in the direction of Szczyrk, Mazańcowice and Stare Bielsko.