Garage seal B-662 5m + GLUE, door threshold 75x13mm

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The B-662 garage gasket (threshold seal/gate threshold/rubber garage door threshold/rubber garage seal) prevents water, insects, dust and other contaminants from entering the garage. The task of the product is to seal the section between the door and the ground, additionally it allows to reduce the costs of heating the rooms in which it is used. The gasket, thanks to its shape, adheres to the surface. The serrated (grooved) bottom of the strip makes it difficult for the gasket to slide. The gasket can be glued to the floor.

The gasket is made of a flexible, durable EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene rubber) rubber compound, and is characterized by:
- high resistance to aging and weather conditions, ozone and UV radiation
- resistance to organic and inorganic acids, cleaning agents, potassium and sodium alkalis
- maintaining its properties in the temperature range from -50°C to +130°C
- flexibility and susceptibility to stretching
- good memory of the original shape

material: EPDM rubber
70+/- 5°ShA
color: black

minimum length of the piece1pcs = 5m
length of the piece3pcs = 15m

On request, it is possible to make a gasket on a different rubber base (EPDM, NBR, SBR, etc.).

*photos are for illustrative purposes only. The offered product may slightly differ from the image in the picture

QMAR HIGH TACK strong mounting adhesive is permanently elastic, one-component, super-viscous and dense on a hybrid basis, intended for fixing heavy or heavily loaded materials in construction, industry and, above all, at home.

The advantages of the adhesive are:
- very short drying time (without water and solvents)
- gluing without support (immediate adhesion)
- use for smooth and porous substrates, inside and outside,
- after curing, permanently flexible and resistant to weather conditions (including: temperature from -50°C to 90°C and water),
- very good adhesion to most construction substrates, including: concrete, plaster, clinker, gypsum, stone, building ceramics, glaze, glass, steel, metals, varnished wood, PVC, OSB,
- resistant to flow (for horizontal and vertical applications), formation of bubbles, shrinkage scratches and cracks,
- high physical and mechanical resistance (insensitivity to vibrations)
- almost odorless and chemically neutral (applicable to mirrors, marble, sandstone and granite - does not damage the silver layer of mirrors and does not discolor natural stone)

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