We manufacture products made of polyurethane. This material has good mechanical properties, is resistant to oils, greases, diluted inorganic acids and bases, organic solvents, UV radiation, oxygen and ozone. Polyurethane products can work in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +90° C (continuous work) or -50°C to +120°C (short-term work).

In addition, this material is characterized by high resistance to mechanical factors such as: abrasion, stretching, compression or tearing. Our polyurethane products are primarily used in the mining industry. We offer, among others:

  • friction clutches,
  • anti-vibration pads.

The main advantage of polyurethane is its high resistance to:

  •     abrasion,
  •     stretching,
  •     compression,
  •     tearing.

Our products are used mainly in the mining industry. These are among others:

  •     friction clutches,
  •     scrapers,
  •     plowshares for plows,
  •     gaskets for sifter screens,
  •     sifter screens,
  •     press bumpers,
  •     anti-vibration pads.

Our products can be manufactured in hardness from 40° ShA to 95° ShA even 55° ShD, according to the Customer's requirements regarding strength properties and in the colors of the RAL palette.